The keynote speaker is Dr. Robert C. Hilborn, Associate Executive Officer of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

The keynote talk is scheduled on Friday (October 24, 2014) at 6pm in the School of Sciences and Mathematics Building (SSMB) Auditorium at 202 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC 29401.

Title: The Next Generation Science Standards, AP Physics 1 and 2, and the Revised MCAT: The New Face of STEM Education
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Abstract: The Next Generation Science Standards, the recent changes to AP Physics, and the revised Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) have many features in common that will have a major impact on introductory physics courses at both the high school and college levels. In this talk, I will describe those common features and make suggestions about how physics teachers and faculty members can respond effectively to the changes that arise from those features.